Veterinarian Checkups

Pet Exams in Louisa, VA

Pet exams help keep your cat or dog healthy and happy. At Central Virginia Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian conducts wellness checks to determine your pet's general health. These appointments can point to any issues that require further care at our Louisa, VA, clinic.

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How Often Should Your Animal Get a Pet Exam?

The ideal wellness check frequency depends on your pet's health and age. When puppies are born, they may need special attention to get their shots and ensure they are developing normally. For adult dogs, annual checkups should keep your pet in good health. Older dogs may need to see the vet more often.

If you think it's time to bring your cat or dog in for preventive care, call us today to make an appointment. Don't wait too long between checkups, especially if your pet becomes ill.

What to Expect From a Pet Exam

When you bring your pet to our clinic, our veterinarian will ask lifestyle questions about your pet's bowel movements, exercise habits, and eating habits. During a checkup, your pet receives a full physical examination. Based on the findings, our veterinarian will recommend vaccines, flea treatment, or other veterinary services to keep your pet healthy.

If your animal seems underweight or on the chunky side, our vet can recommend a healthier diet. If dental care is required, we can provide those services on the same day or bring your pet back for a followup visit.

What the Veterinarian Does in a Pet Exam

Here are some of the observations and conditions that our vet may make during an exam:

  • Unusual signs when your pet walks
  • How engaged and alert the animal is
  • General body condition
  • Excessive dryness in the coat
  • Dandruff, lumps, and other skin conditions
  • Excessive tearing or lumps on the eyelids
  • Thick discharge in the ears
  • Breathing issues
  • Tartar build-up, staining, and mouth ulcers

Come to Central Virginia Veterinary Clinic for Your Pet Care

Call Central Virginia Veterinary Clinic at (540) 967-1404 to schedule a pet exam such as an annual checkup. We are a full-service veterinary hospital and provide emergency services for your cat or dog in Louisa VA. Our team is dedicated to providing your pet with the best veterinary care for a long and happy life.